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Welcome to Wholly Hands Healthcare, Inc.

We sometimes take for granted that we can tie our own shoelaces or take a shower by ourselves. However, when our failing health takes its toll on our lives, we begin to realize just how valuable our self-care skills can be. Whether you’re still recovering from surgery or if you are coping with a heart condition, Wholly Hands Healthcare, Inc. will be ready to help.

Wholly Hands Healthcare, Inc. provides home-based health care services for clients who live in Montclair, New Jersey and its outlying counties. We are dedicated to fulfilling our profession by serving our community through nursing care and therapy services.

Our staff will visit clients at home so they won’t have to travel to and from the care facility repeatedly, which can cause stress and possible health complications. We reduce the need for institutionalization and costly long-term care hospital admission as well. Home Health Care is the answer! Call 973-744-3077 today to get started!


Wholly Hands Healthcare, Inc. is committed to providing low cost , high quality home health care knowing that the sick, the elderly and their family can only see the face of compassion in the care we provide:

  • Building staff confidence in providing care by continuous education and support.
  • Respecting patient privacy, human dignity and comfort
  • True community development can only be achieved by incorporating our community needs in all we do ; be it physically, emotionally ,or spiritually.


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